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Designer Vase

Add that final touch to your living room with a gorgeous designer vase. Plasti-kote spray paints make it really quick and easy to create a stylish looking vase in no time at all, and for a fraction of the cost that you'd pay on the high street. All you need is an old vase, some Plasti-kote paints and a little inspiration!

Trin for trin


Det skal du bruge

An old vase
Sticky backed plastic
Scissors (or craft knife)

Gloss Super Bright Red
Matt Super Black


"Instead of the contrasting Red and Black colours we've used, try using complimentary colours; go to our Colour Explorer to find out more about the colours that go well together whether they be contrasting or complimentary. Cool Jades and warm Browns are really fashionable this season so why not give them a go"

Minging Vase
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Trinvis guide
Step Number1

Take your old vase and clean the surface using a cloth and hot soapy water, make sure the vase is properly dry before you start.

Step Number2

If you are spraying indoors ensure you open a window and place plenty of newspaper underneath and around the vase to protect the surrounding area.

Step Number3

Start by applying the Matt Super Black, this will eventually be the colour of your design, two or three coats is always better than one thick coat. Always try to spray across the vase in steady, even strokes and allow about 5 minutes between coats.

Step Number4

Now you can create your flower design using the sticky backed plastic, you might find it easier to draw out your design on the backing first. We've created quite a simple flower but the possibilities are endless.

Step Number5

Ensuring that the black paint is thoroughly dry (allow at least 40 minutes) cut out the individual petals, leaves and stalk and carefully apply them to the vase ensuring they are properly stuck down around the edges.

Step Number6

You are now ready to apply the Gloss Super Bright Red spray paint, again several thin coats is best leaving 5 minutes between each and spray across the vase in steady, even strokes.

Step Number7

Once the final coat is dry (approx 40 minutes) you can carefully remove the sticky backed plastic to reveal your design underneath.

Step Number8

For extra protection use Plasti-kote Super Clear Acrylic.


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